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by Ali Lee, Communications Director

VICTORIA, B.C. – The Vancouver Island Ladies Field Hockey Association (VILFHA) are pleased to announce a retirement party and celebration for Pat Hall on June 15. Pat Hall has been active member of VILFHA for 51 years and has retired from the executive board after the 2012-13 season.

It is rare to find a member of the field hockey community in Western Canada who has not heard the name Pat Hall. Now at the age of 77, Hall is retiring from her most recent position on the VILFHA executive as Director of Operations. Outside of her volunteer duties on the executive, Hall was a player from 1961-88, helped co-found the Victoria Junior League in 1967 and was umpiring regularly until 2000.

Hall has been coaching the local Demons and Devils ladies league teams but has a long history of coaching including helping at several local elementary schools. Her list of volunteer contributions is endless and includes being a B.C. or Victoria representative with the Field Hockey BC (formerly BC Women’s Field Hockey Federation), Field Hockey Canada (formerly the Canadian Women’s Field Hockey Association), the South Island Umpires Association and the Victoria Junior Field Hockey Association.

In addition, Pat has been the main point of contact for several touring club teams from around the world, helping organize billets and exhibition games for them. A true ambassador for the sport of field hockey, Pat Hall was honoured four times with VILFHA’s most prestige award, the Christine Trophy, that combines sportsmanship, service and playing ability. She was also honoured with Field Hockey BC’s Barbara Schrodt award for those who have made a difference, the Gold Pin Volunteer Award, as well as Sport BC’s President’s Award and numerous others.

Her list of contributions are endless, her volunteer time to the sport unmeasurable and her passion for the growth of field hockey and women in sport is infinite. It is a true pleasure for VILFHA to host a celebration this year in honour of Pat Hall’s retirement.

VILFHA will use funds collected at the retirement party, along with contributions from other associations, to establish a bursary in Pat Hall’s name. A committee will be formed, along with Pat Hall, to establish the criteria but there is no doubt that it will reflect the character and commitment Pat Hall has given to the sport of field hockey.

Event Details:
When: 7:00 p.m.
Where: Velox Rugby Club (3957 Gordon Head Rd, Victoria, BC V8N 3X2)
Cost: Suggested donation of $20 per person
Light appetizers, snacks and drinks will be available.

Attendees, virtual seat purchases and donations are encouraged and can be reserved and made online at

For further questions or media enquiries, please e-mail Ali Lee, Communications Director, at


VICTORIA – The Vancouver Island Ladies Field Hockey Association was pleased to announce its annual award winners for the 2012-13 season. Heading the list was the league’s most outstanding player, Theresa Kennedy, from the Demons and Devils. Long-time president of the Sailors Field Hockey Club Ronnie Lee was awarded the prestigous Christine Trophy for service, sportsmanship and ability. Under 17 Canadian national program member and member of Lynx 2, Ella Mosky, was named the leagues Most Outstanding Under-18 player, while Cowichan’s Lauren Keller was honoured as the most improved umpire.

HIBBERT TROPHY – Most Outstanding Player
WINNER: Theresa Kennedy, Demons & Devils

CHRISTINE TROPHY – Ability, Sportsmanship and Service
WINNER: Ronnie Lee, Sailors Field Hockey Club

TRELAWNY SHIELD – Outstanding Under-18 Player
WINNER: Ella Mosky, Lynx 2

FOLEY SHIELD – Most Improved Umpire
WINNER: Lauren Keller

DIV 1 MVP: Sandy Zinkowski, Patriots
DIV 2 MVP: Lexi De Armond, Lynx 2
DIV 3 MVP: Kyla Bulynx, Ravens

Regular Season Champions:
DIV 3: Demons
DIV 2: Sailors
DIV 1: Lynx 1

Playoff Champions
DIV 3: Ravens
DIV 2: Blue Jays
DIV 1: Mariners

Most Sportsmanlike Team
DIV 1: Flickers
DIV 2: Lynx 2
DIV 3: Lynx 3

DIV 1 ALL-STAR LIST (Shirt Size)
1 Sandy Zinkowski, Patriots
2 Heather Wheatley, Patriots
3 Annie Brothwell, Patriots
4 Sam Purcell, Mariners
5 Ali Lee, Mariners
6 Kira Graham, Mariners
7 Claire Seeliger, Flickers
8 Teresa Gregus, Flickers
9 Stef Langkammer, Flickers
10 Gillian Kirkpatrick, Lynx 1
11 Kristina Walters-Shumka, Lynx 1
12 Jenna Dhillon, Lynx 1

1 Ella Mosky, Lynx 2
2 Lindsay Cole, Lynx 2
3 Lexi De Armond, Lynx 2
4 Sara Brant, Sailors
5 Shannon Petrovic, Sailors
6 Christine Munro, Sailors
7 Teresa Wong, Blue Jays
8 Sunny Jun, Blue Jays
9 Kate Egan, Blue Jays
10 Sara Lowes, Cardinals
11 Shylayne Davidson, Cardinals
12 Maddie Smith, Cardinals

1 Heather Crisp, Pirates
2 Jane Shumka, Pirates
3 Erica Kjekstad, Pirates
4 Kyla Bulynx, Ravens
5 Dana Dickinson, Ravens
6 Wendy McElroy, Ravens
7 Sue Fraser, Stellers
8 Steph Yeats, Stellers
9 Hannah Avenant, Stellers
10 Brenda Lockhart, Kestrels
11 Janice Strand, Kestrels
12 Marina Ellison, Kestrels
13 Casey Boyle, Lynx 3
14 Theresa Kennedy, Demons/Devils
15 Cathy Boraston, Demons
16 Shelley Andrews, Demons

Congratulations to all the teams on a very successful VILFHA season!


Div 3: Ravens (2) def. Pirates (1)
Div 2: Blue Jays (2) def. Lynx 2 (1)
Div 1: Mariners (3) def. Lynx 1 (2)


Div 3: Demons
Div 2: Sailors
Div 1: Lynx 1

Congratulations and hopefully you can attend the VILFHA AGM on April 8th when we will give out all the individual awards, team trophies and season all-star awards.

Attention all VILFHA Members,

The Annual General Meeting of the Vancouver Island Ladies Field Hockey Association will be held April the 8th at UVic, McKinnon Gym room 150 @ 7 pm.

The motions attached are a result of an extensive review of both the Constitution and Bylaws and Rules and Regulations. The main purpose was to update the documents to reflect current practices in many areas, e.g. registration with FHBC; to modernize certain practices, e.g. communication options; and to provide clarity in areas where confusion or misunderstandings have consistently occurred, e.g. minimum age or players or player movement from team to team.

Motion 1
Be it so moved that the proposed amendments to the Vancouver Island Ladies Field Hockey Association Constitution and Bylaws contained within the attached document “VILFHA Constitution March 16, 2013” be adopted.

Moved: Sandy Grimwood
Seconded: Theresa Kennedy

Motion 2
Be it so moved that the proposed amendments to the Vancouver Island Ladies Field Hockey Association Rules and Regulations contained within the attached document “VILFHA Rules and Regulations March 16, 2013” be adopted.

Moved: Sandy Grimwood
Seconded: Theresa Kennedy

The membership will be asked to consider these two motions in two block or omnibus motions – first the Constitution and then the Regs. In each document, the proposed amendments are highlighted in yellow – the motion is placed immediately below the clause it proposes to amend, includes the proposed change and a rationale for the change.

In using an omnibus motion, the purpose is to consider the motions in their entirety as they pertain to the document. However, that does not preclude the opportunity for the members to ‘extract’ any motion for discussion/questions/further amendments/etc. If a member wishes to have a specific motion extracted, that motion will be subject to it’s own vote. Those motions that are ‘left’ will be considered as a block and the vote will occur once we reach the end of the document.

We have chosen the omnibus method because there are many amendments and a lot of repetition of content in the amendments. So instead of going clause by clause and addressing the same changes over and over, we will – hopefully – move through it more quickly.

We are sending this notice 3 weeks in advance of the meeting – ahead of our requirements – so that members have an opportunity to review and digest the proposed changes, as well as ask any questions about the process of handling omnibus motions.

Please feel free to ask questions to Denise McGeachy ( about the process or the rationale or whatever you like.

Lastly, if there is anyone interested in being involved in the VILFHA Executive for the coming season, please contact Sandy Grimwood (

See you on the 8th of April.

Denise McGeachy
Vancouver Island Ladies Field Hockey Association

Congratulations to those teams that have made the finals and for those who qualified for the semifinals. Next week is our last weekend of ladies league!! So here are a few reminders and notes:

FINAL GAME TIMES – Saturday March 23 at UVIC TURF
10:00 am: Division 3 Final: Ravens vs. Pirates
12:00 pm: Division 2 Final: Lynx 2 vs. Blue Jays
2:00 pm: Division 1 Final: Lynx 1 vs. Mariners

Nominate online before Friday, March 22 at:

We still need more coaches for the junior league! Please recommend two to three people at least from your teams to get involved. E-mail Kolette Cristante to coach girls ( and Clive Wheatley for boys (

Victoria sessions run March 25/28 (6:30-9:30pm at UVic) and Duncan sessions are April 8/15 (6:30-9:30pm at Cowichan Secondary School). Register online at:

Thanks and good luck to everyone in the finals!!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Ali Lee
Communications Director, VILFHA
c. 250-686-5000